If you are literate and don’t read books- either fiction or non fiction– you cannot claim to be in any way cultured. You will have a narrow and limited view of the world and society. Your ability to think critically is grossly impaired. Even your ability to empathise is compromised because you are refusing to see the world through others’ eyes.

Our world and cultures are full of great works in so many varieties. New words are being created at an ever accelerating rate. If you are not interested in one kind of thing, there is so much else of value to read.

And no it does not count if you are over 18 and all you read is Harry Potter, Twilight, the Da Vinci Code, that “50 shades of greyTwilight fan fiction and other such utter crap.

In Australia no one seems to read. No wonder it is going backwards. Unlike every other country in the developed world. Well aside from America of course.