Giving up on humanity because you are a dying swan who’s had some bad experiences and believes everything point of view they see in the media, then generalising it to what does and should happen in society is a kind of personality disease.


  • People often make money from abominable practices so they should be allowed to sell their organs because it is marginally less bad
  • Climate change is happening, therefore there’s nothing we can do therefore we should just do what we like and fuck the consequences
  • The bystander effect is real therefore I have an excuse not to help those in need on the street.
  • People who try to commit suicide may go on to try again, so why bother trying to help them, why not just let them die
  • It’s too hard to explain things to people with intellectual disabilities so let’s not bother giving them adequate medical treatment
  • The world is full of bad people, so the only thing I can do is trying to be badder than all of them, or have no friends, or…

Just because bad things happen does not mean that everyone has an excuse to lie down and be bad. There is such a thing as leading by example and this is something that may take practice or work but it gets easier and easier with time. It is possible to be moral and hopeful and generous and kind and it is a thing with its own reward.

There is a delicious feeling of freedom and peace and health that comes with doing the right thing and knowing that you have made a difference.