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“Omg why do you use Opera?” asks the smug techie.
Smug techies are part and parcel of hanging out at techie events I guess. Insistence on their Way of things being the right way. Etc.
Opera is honestly a great browser that despite using cutting edge standards compliance, having fastest load and rendering times, a superior UI and features, still manages to be the 2% browser share underdog. Not to mention that many of its cutting edge features get used by other browsers – notably Chrome and Firefox – who claim to have invented them. Oh and then of course for whatever reason Google and similar companies intermittently seem to start underhanded campaigns to kill it off by claiming that their websites aren’t supported.
“Oh but the wisdom of crowds!” Wait, the same crowds that like Ke$ha, Facebook, Big Brother and until recently used Internet Explorer for everything?
“It just sucks, I used it once in 2003.” 2003 huh?
As usual, when I try and raise an argument, the response is just “Nah, I don’t believe you”.

Just say Nah.