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There’s a kind of coworker who is incompetent and lazy but really very self-righteous and thinks the best of themselves. Usually they’ll find a way to blame others for mistakes while also making a lot of mistakes themselves. They verbally abuse juniors and colleagues but are very good at sucking up to seniors. They have some degree of charisma which hides some of their mistakes. Mostly though, it is their high handed attitude that means people are too scared to stand up to them. Because they really aren’t that good at their work and are very concrete and pedestrian in thought, they place a lot of emphasis on small things like being at work 30 minutes early and writing long diatribes instead of being concise to be “thorough”. They kick up a huge stink if you ask them to do the slightest additional thing that is part of their job and try to make you do it instead.

Argh. At least most people don’t like them. Though the problem is that they get promoted too early and find more of the same kind of parasites to hang out with and indulge in a mutual circle jerk with.

Hahaha, jerk.

Eventually what happens of course is that powerful people from other departments start making complaints (to which the aforementioned party usually pretends to be the unfairly victimised of course) and this results usually in some attitude adjustment. Not enough of course, but it’s something.