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Television and newspapers and radio and magazines in Australia are full of the most amazing horseshit when it comes to certain topics.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, but particularly Aboriginal people are portrayed in the media as stupid, lazy, drunk, violent druggies with a sense of entitlement. They are shown as a class of destitute no-hopers whose main ambition in life is to sniff petrol on the dole while resisting all attempts of Australians to bring in the comforts of civilisation. They are shown as savages who choose to be the bottom of the heap and who can’t be trusted to make decisions and were better off being taken away from their parents. Oh, and of course they have extra rights compared with more deserving Aussie battlers. Ungrateful sods.

Just like a lot of the political commentary in Australia, this is a lie.

The Stolen Generation actually happened, sheeple. Children were taken away from their own parents and often abused by their new families or treated as servants. No surprises then that PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse are major problems. That’s right, due to the mass child abuse and cultural genocide that White Australia proudly perpetrated and continue to perpetrate. In the name of saving them from themselves.

How is the current “intervention” anything different? They’ve taken away indigenous representation (ATSIC etc) and instead continue to take people’s money and quarantine it and take their children away. The propaganda supports this abominable “cause” in exactly the same way they did the first Stolen Generation. Or worse, ignores it, making everyone think it’s stopped and everything is hunky dory.

Of course there are poor people and people with drinking problems. But when you age adjust, Indigenous people have the same high rate of heavy drinking as the general population – 15%. Yes, this is a problem. And yes there are communities where this is especially true. However the scale of the problem is vastly exaggerated. And if 15% is a national tragedy then it’s a national tragedy for the entire nation, not just for “the abos“.

Indigenous people are dying of diabetes, heart disease, strokes, vascular disease, kidney failure and suffering from mental illness. 25% of them don’t even have access to a hospital for crying out loud. Healthcare, education, money and fresh food are essentially being withheld from the population that needs it most. The excuse is that they “don’t want” services or “refuse to have people come in” or supposedly attack and destroy things. Has anyone asked Indigenous people if they want health, education, fresh food and running water? Funnily enough, they do want services and most of them trust their doctors. Perhaps once again we are being lied to? Hmmm.

Is it any surprise that they’re angry? I’m also angry!

Both major parties in Australia lack honesty. Their own government department, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has created a wealth of data that disproves a great deal of what they mindlessly parrot. Data that they are more than aware of and is clearly ignored.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are used as a political football while being slowly killed off.