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A girl on my Facebook who is a first generation immigrant is basically trolling my posts with her anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee views.

The selfishness and hypocrisy of this is not lost on me.

It’s not an uncommon phenomenon and seems to happen everywhere in the world that I’ve been. People come along and have all the advantages of a new country but want no-one else to benefit other than them. Or they decided to “assimilate” to the point of putting on a fake wanker accent and pretending to have no knowledge of their former country or its language or culture and then take on all the worst traits of the country they’ve gone to.


It’s just as bad when people bring racist hatreds from their home country into the new one. Jews vs Muslim vs Christian. Turkish vs Kurdish vs Arab. Sinhala vs Tamil. Hutu vs Tutsi. English vs French.

Or when the immigrants are racist towards the people who are there already. I’ve heard some awfully racist things against Aboriginal people said by immigrants!

Thankfully those immigrants are the minority of immigrants.