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My point of view in regards to Israel and Palestine is simple. Both have a right to exist, now that there are people who were born, lived and died in the state of Israel. However the inhabitants of Palestine have been there for millennia and clearly deserve political freedom, safety, the basic services that are currently not available to them and the right to vote as well. Both sides have suffered.

At the end of the day, these are all people. They all deserve human rights.

I admire Israel’s liberalism and gender and gay rights; I abhor its current government’s approach to Palestine. I believe in Palestiniansright to self-determination and political freedom; I abhor corruption and homophobia in its borders.

The character assassination of Yasser Arafat in the media and by heads of government as he died was in terrible taste. The timing could not have been more obnoxious, nor the hypocrisy considering these were the same heads of state who declared him a hero.

An interesting point was made by a commentator who pointed out that perhaps not only is a one state solution easier to achieve, but giving all Palestinians the rights of Israeli citizenship would suddenly change the political spectrum entirely. Perhaps the future is federalism, rather than nationalism?

I only wish that moderates in Israel were still in power. Netanyahu‘s behaviour isolates Israel from the entire region and pushes it into extremism. In regards to Hamas. Well. Similar story.