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There’s an increasing realisation that basically the dudes on those “pick-up artist“/”dating advice” websites are essentially creeps who are targeting vulnerable women for sex.

A lot of these guys are self-styled “nice guys” who evidently would like some sort of a medal for not raping their friends (because they’ve been FriendZoned) and feel super entitled to beautiful, intelligent, sexy women despite their own complete lack of looks, brain or personality. While of course being passed over for actually decent guys who are assertive, interesting and caring.

It was pretty much inevitable that the site “Nice guys of OkCupid” would appear- a Tumblr blog showcasing the “nice guy” bits of the profile as well as the “obviously an asshole” bits. Gold. Sadly, it’s been taken down, however “Fedoras of OkCupid“, which has an amazing amount of profiles in common is still around as is “Friendzoned again” which is probably the spiritual successor.

And then I saw this pile of trash. A “how-to” guide on finding vulnerable women, tricking them into dating you, then emotionally and sexually abusing them. It almost reads like a parody, it’s so bad! Creepy losers of the world, I thought you hid your evils a little better. My bad.