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MRA’s. I had to look that one up. OH, Men’s Rights Activists! Not to be confused with the NRA, which some of them also seem to be a part of.

I try so hard to like the Men’s Movement. Honestly, I truly and deeply believe that:

  • Gender inequality cuts both ways.
  • Guys should be allowed to be nurses, teachers, secretaries, childcare workers, househusbands, stay-at-home-dads without their masculinity or sexual orientation being questioned.
  • Fathers should definitely be entitled to as much parental leave as mothers.
  • There is definitely a huge role for good male role models for kids growing up (doesn’t have to be a father)- men who respect other people, are kind, generous, look after themselves and others and are psychologically healthy.
  • Feminism and the men’s movement really should be allies because a lot of the time they’re fighting for the same things.
  • Boys & men who are raped, physically, emotionally or sexually abused or subject to domestic violence really have a very tough time and need to be recognised as 1) existing and 2) in need of far more support than is currently available.
  • Men’s health- including psychological health- is an area of priority
  • Boys are doing worse than girls in the education system now and it’s important that we find out why and help them more.

Unfortunately, it seems that The Cause is composed of two types of people. Moderates such as myself who believe that society needs to be improved for everyone, men, women and other people. And crazy people aka extremists who like radical feminists and extremists everywhere are angry, bitter, clannish shells of humans fixated on how hard done by society they are.

And even more unfortunately, it seems that majority of The Cause’s spokesMEN (there are very few spokesWOmen or spokespeople) are extremists.

The gist of these MRA’s beliefs is such:

  • Women have too many rights now.
  • They’re stealing our jobs and education.
  • Also our children, via the court system.
  • They are going around blaming men for everything and making men look evil.
  • They’re the root cause for society becoming “feminised” ie Bad.
  • Women are evil.
  • We’re nothing at all like radical feminists in the way we think because they are women and thus, evil.

I don’t know if they realise just how paranoid, vindictive and, well, bizarre and almost hilarious that sounds.

Certainly I can’t in any good conscience align myself with that kind of crazy talk. Especially not living in a country where women still face widespread discrimination, sexual assault and misogyny. I agree entirely that men also face discrimination, sexual assault and many issues, but both of those things have a similar solution- more protections and help for equality, justice and fairness.

Saying “women have too many rights, we have none” is patently false and a lie. Men and women both need more rights. Transgendered and transsexual people need more rights. Boys need more rights. Girls need more rights.

People need more rights. And gender-based discrimination is bad for all of us.

We moderates need to take back this movement, like many other movements, away from the extremists. These people sabotage discussion and improvements for the very people they claim to speak for. They alienate and scare the general population and rather than leading to concrete, sustainable change, they push a dangerous minority agenda at the expense of constructive societal evolution.

We need to stand up and be counted.