And in Canada, an Indigenous lady shares words that are eerily familiar to us in Australia.

Reclaim the Warrior

My dear friend and mentor, Deb shared the following piece she wrote with me. I asked her if I could share it here and she agreed. Deb is an amazing warrior woman, who is willing to help guide others and share her knowledge when appropriate or needed. Debra resides in the Peace Region of BC and is originally from Idaho.


“Government policies such as Indian Act, Residential Schools, and the 60’s Scoop was legalized genocide and acclamation of property. They were the vilest examples of legalizing genocide and dressing it up as “those poor backwards Natives, we got to help them fit into society.”  Every single Act and piece of legislation was designed to break our culture and to liberate land and resources to “feed their need of greed.”  I have no further to look than current affairs to see that this continues.

An example of this is:   The Tripartite…

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