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I haven’t really had time to update this thing, even though I’ve wanted to. I haven’t had enough headspace due to too many work hours. And once you haven’t updated something in awhile it gets harder and harder. But I’ve resigned my job and I’m now spending time travelling and catching up with people and working. So hopefully there will be more time devoted to writing.

Here are some of my current whinges:

  • OH DEAR GOD TONY ABBOTT. He is a scary extreme right wing sexual assaulting sociopathic narcissistic creeptard with a strategy that seems to aim towards making the country even more backwards and authoritarian than it already is.
  • I have a big and awesome idea and I’m finding it really difficult to connect to people on the same wavelength. Even the people I’ve kind of approached to help me with it… yes… they mostly have the same ideas as me but there are sticking points that irk me.
  • I’m too fat. I mean this entirely in a health sense.
  • People who should know better keep lecturing me about how my sense of style is ‘wrong’ and ‘not feminine’ because it isn’t the mainstream drag-queen-esque nonsense that passes for Australian ‘fashion’. They can get fucked.
  • People who should know better are intentionally misinterpreting or refusing to understand the gender fluidity thing which I have been explaining in as clear a way as possible. and I don’t really want to hang out with the ‘genderqueer‘ people because they seem kind of wanky.
  • I actually had this really awesome catch up with this awesome chick in another city I don’t live in and I’m quite attracted to her but it’s kind of frustrating because clearly this is not going to go down any sort of romantic path. Oh well.
  • The attitude towards education in this country and the way in which the system enforces class distinctions is utterly utterly messed up.